Greetings fappers and friends!

Thank you for coming to the wordy end of the website, as it’s not all splooge splattered women and monsters…. Well mostly, BUT MOVING ON!

Firebox Studio was started with a simple story of a lonely wallet being empty on the inside… The wallet tried to fill itself with many things, all kinds of weird twisted things that vibrate… but it just didn’t feel right, nothing made him *cough* the wallet feel good.

So, after many nights and spent at the canvas painting pictures for others to enjoy, little bits of money started to trickle through on his Patreon page (totally not patreon.com/fireboxstudio) and made the wallet happy and whole again.

The wallet (not me) decided that he should hone his skills at painting and start taking requests to draw beautiful things for a small fee every month. Eventually the wallet realised that the real source to people’s happiness was in the art of motion pictures, so he worked really hard and chained the Director to the desk and made him work, when he realised: “Why do it yourself when you can get a person to do it for you?”.

And that’s how the tale started.

You still here?

Ok I’ll tell you the real story without the LSD induced magic dragon crap.

I’m just a normal guy with a passion for 3D and a background in games, product design and weird ass humour!

Firebox was really started to have an alternative source of income and wasn’t expecting a lot at all. The original idea was to start a YouTube channel focused on another hobby of mine, but YouTube’s demonetisation crushed it before it began.

I saw lots of YouTubers using Patreon as an alternative source of income, as they were already established and they didn’t want their hard work to be for nothing.

I did a little digging, looked at the top 100 earners and I vividly remember StudioFOW at number 38 earning the best part of $29,000 a month.
$29,000 a month……. For 3D art/porn……

That blew my god damn mind.

So, after trying to comprehend that amount of cheddar I started to dig down through the list and look at the market it as a whole.
There were SFM artists earning $500-$1000 dollars per month for 2 second animation loops, which were pretty bad.

The concept finally became concrete in my brain, and I knew that I could do better than that without breaking a sweat.

And so here we are over a year on from the launch of Firebox Studio and still going strong!

And we’ll be here for many years to come.